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The basic amount of these, for each country is two so, each additional diplomat for a big country is very important. You can acquire them from the Diplomatic, Espionage an Aristocracy ideas, by building an embassy and by becoming the Holy Roman Emperor, after the introduction of an appropriate reform.

Steam Workshop :: Improved client states Oct 21, 2015 · - client states can be placed everywhere, even in america, but you still can have colonial nations - marches are costantly loyal - add a decision that adds 300 diplomatic slots, so you can have as many vassals/marches/client states as you want without have diplomatics relations penalties. Diplomatic relations and upkeep : eu4 - reddit I love modding eu4 and adapting it to specific playstyles or roleplay oportunities. I would love some help from more experienced fellow modders. Some diplomatic relations take up a diplmatic slot (diplomatic_upkeep), like vassalization, alliances and proclaim guarantee. Others, like colonial nations and warnings, do not. [Discontinued] Client States Unlocked for Extended Steam Workshop: Europa Universalis IV. This is for people who just want to have fun with the client states. [Discontinued] Client States Unlocked for Extended Timeline [1.25] ... In line 376 replace "takes_diplo_slot = no" with "takes_diplo_slot = yes" for client vassals, do the same in line 413 for client marches and don't forget to save.

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» Why Did Diplomatic Security Compile a Short-List of DS ... So why did Diplomatic Security compile a short-list of DS agents leaving for the U.S. Marshals Service? We have no good answer. And Diplomatic Security refuses to say. If there’s a perfectly good reason for all this, the top leadership at Diplomatic Security has not done anything to address the real concerns that people have. taw's blog: EU4 Holy Kebab Empire AAR -

This is a SERIES of videos covering all aspects of efficient Vassal usage; Guide can be found here:

Diplomacy - Europa Universalis 4 Wiki Diplomacy in EU4 is the system that involves all relations and actions with other nations.Relations can be increased through alliances, coalitions, common wars, common rivalries, decisions, events and having a diplomat improve relations. Client state - Europa Universalis 4 Wiki Any nation with more than one province can create a client state once they reach level 23 in diplomatic technology. Client states can be created from core or non-core provinces that have a direct land connection to the capital or are on the same continent as the capital, or are bordering an existing client state. Diplomatic relations and upkeep : eu4 - reddit

defination A vassal or client state can be diplomatically annexed by its overlord through the Annex vassal option. requirements 1. The subject's vassalage has lasted at least 10 years. 2. Vassal opinion of overlord is at least 190. 3. Liberty desi...

Client states can work quite well, only thing I would agree with is a timer and possibly small bonus to relations each time make a client state. 3 to 5 turn timer +40 relations. If you fight long apocalyptic war with -300 relations it might be impossible to reasonably reset relationship to positive. eu4 vassal – EU4 console commands Jan 29, 2018 · There Are many diverse techniques to vassalize a state. Nations could be induce vassalized at a Peace Treaty or could consent to vassalization using a diplomatic deal. They’re also able to receive freedom in the bigger country, just as an ordinary state or being a client condition. Europa Universalis IV modified defines file (common Dec 18, 2014 · DIPLOMATIC_ACTION_PERSONALITY_MULT = 1.5, --How much more the AI values a diplomatic action if it suits their personality (improve relations for diplomat, etc) DIPLOMATIC_ACTION_ALLIANCE_ACCEPTANCE_MULT = 3.0 , -- AI scoring for alliance based on willingness to accept it if offered to them How do I create client state pacifically? - Stack Exchange When I go to the diplomatic menu, I have the "confederation" option, which seems to be simple assimilation. But no option for State client or satrapi. Does the ability to creat cleint states depend on your culture? Is confederation the only option for Celtics to subdue pacifically ?