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Jul 28, 2009 ... There is a clip where the scene can be viewed at this web address: .... shockingly so, is that not only is Doc Holliday a very well educated man ...

68 Inspiring Tombstone images in 2019 | Tombstone arizona ... And to the far left, Wyatt Earp's best friend, Doc Holliday. Some really great history on these men. They are some of my favorite old westerners! Doc Holiday and the three Earp brothers. Wyatt is the tall one. Taken in Tombstone, If we could get some long coats that would be badass Picture Wyatt Earp Doc Holliday Tombstone (1993) - Val Kilmer as Doc Holliday - IMDb Tombstone (1993) Val Kilmer as Doc Holliday. IMDb ... Maybe poker's just not your game Ike. I know! Let's have a spelling contest! Sherman McMasters : Where is he ... Interesting little scene. I wonder who that tall drink of water is. 10 Awesome Lines From ‘Tombstone’ That Prove It’s The Best ... After the famous OK Corral shootout, one of the Cowboys is about to shoot Doc, but Doc’s too quick. Opening himself up to the possibility of death, Morgan fears for Doc and shoots first. This scene is superb because it highlights Doc’s ever-present need to test limits. 10. “Maybe Poker’s just not your game, Ike. "I'm your huckleberry..." - A Guide to Doc Holliday Slang ...

Tombstone is a 1993 Western starring Kurt Russell, Val Kilmer, Sam Elliott, and Bill Paxton.Set in the 1880s in Tombstone, Arizona, it centers on Wyatt Earp, his two brothers, and Doc Holliday facing off against the criminal Cowboys.

“John Henry ‘Doc’ Holliday was the son of an aristocratic, highly cultured southern family. Trained in Philadelphia, he had Embarked on a caree r as a society Dentist when he contracted Tuberculosis. Advised to practice In the west where it was thought The climate and clean air would Prolong his life, Doc soon Tombstone Quotes Doc Holiday. QuotesGram

In the opening scenes of the movie “Tombstone,” Wyatt Earp asks his brother Virgil if he happened to see anything of Doc Holliday while he was in Prescott on his way to Tombstone. Virgil replies, “Yeah. He had a streak when we left, him and Kate.” The scene soon cuts away to show Holliday sitting […]

In the opening scenes of the movie "Tombstone," Wyatt Earp asks his brother Virgil if he happened to see anything of Doc Holliday while he was in Prescott. ... the scattered paraphernalia of poker ... Quotes from Movie Tombstone :: Finest Quotes This page contains quotes from the movie Tombstone. For the list of movies go to the movie homepage. ... Maybe poker just isn't your game, Ike. I know! Let's have a spelling contest! ... You look like somebody just walked over your grave. Doc Holliday . You're no daisy. You're no daisy at all! Doc Holliday . No. Not me. I'm in my prime. Doc ... Tombstone Quotes

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11 Mar 2008 ... Three of my favorite "one liners" / comic-relief moments from the film (in no particular order). Tombstone Bitch Slap - YouTube 15 May 2008 ... A scene from Tombstone. Wyatt Earp (Kurt Russell) calls out Johnny Tyler (Billy Bob Thornton). Crazy Doc Holiday Playing Cards - YouTube 14 Sep 2008 ... Crazy Doc Holiday Playing Cards ! ... Tombstone - a scene from the classic western. ... Classic Poker Scene - The Sting, Paul Newman - "You won't be able to get a game of jacks" - Duration: 5:49. ... Doc Holliday vs. Johnny ... Tombstone - "Very Cosmopolitan!" - YouTube